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Pipes added to the Stasis Pod 3In this week’s entry, the Stasis Pod assembly moves on with a quick update on the colour being applied to the main body of the Pod, base and lid. In Part 8 of my Blog, I’ll explain how I’ve gone about this stage….

Sorry for the hiatus but I’ve been away on vacation for a few weeks and now only just got back to my bench. So, for this weeks update, I’ve done a quick coating of the light blue paint that was mixed from Tamiya Sky Blue and White X-2. The coat was applied over a layer of salt chippings so that I can give the impression of the paint flaking off from the Stasis Pod. Here is a quick video update and you can read more after the video. (I do apologise for the low audio on the video, not sure what was wrong with my mic).

As you can see in the picture below, the Stasis Pod now has a full coating of the pale blue paint over the salt chips. The mixture of Sky Blue and White worked ok, but was a challenge in the airbrush as it kept clogging and I had to clean the airbrush every few minutes in order to continue. However, several coats have now been applied and left to dry before I removed the chippings.

Stasis Pod with blue colour applied over salt chippings 1

Stasis Pod with blue colour applied over salt chippings 3

You can see some detail below from the front. I want to show a lot of weathering and scratches to the front of the Pod as this is where the crew would step up and enter the Stasis Chamber itself. I am trying to therefore achieve and effect on the outer surface where the Pod is well used but functional.

Stasis Pod with blue colour applied over salt chippings 1

Some quick shots of the base before I removed the salt chips.Stasis Pod base with blue colour applied over salt chippings 1

Stasis Pod base with blue colour applied over salt chippings 2

Pipes added to the Stasis Pod

In the photo opposite, you can see I’ve now mounted the metallic pipework onto the Stasis Pod and this is the view from the back of the kit. It shows the fixture at the back where the main thick pipes join together.

The large photo below shows the pipes from the side view now in position with the scratches and chips in the paintwork. I’ve still got to add the flexible pipes and control boxes (which still need to be painted), as well as the securing the base and just adding the finishing touches to the model. I have a few plans here but next steps will be to paint the interior Stasis Chamber and add the Captain figure before sealing the door in place.Pipes added to the Stasis Pod

That’s all the update I have this week but do check back soon for my next part in the series!



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