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Latest Video Blog – We’ve posted a new update on YouTube of the progress from Rick Sternbach on the new warship as well as a new vehicle and the Mining Ship, the Intrepid Star. Rick took his initial artwork and has created a board and card model to get the scale and overall of the ship right.

You can see a more detailed post on the warship here giving insight into the way that the new design has been shaped and crafted.
Next up in the vehicle range is the Mining Ship, the “Intrepid Star” which features in our animated short. Woody Stables our Illustrator has been working up some 3D Renders which you can see below. We still have some progress on this new kit but it’ll feature a new LED Lighting kit as well as custom Decals and other elements to model and paint.
Mining Ship Render
Mining Ship Render
Lastly, we’re introducing a new contributor to the team – Mati Zander. Mati has been working on a new Hover Bike model kit and has finished his 3D renders ready for 3D printing. From his sketches he has created a great model that can be assembled as either a Military or Civilian version. More on the latest post here.
Hoverbike Concept Art
Civilian Hover Bike render

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