The warship TTF-200869 has a new name! Competition Winner Announced


All of the competition entries have been reviewed by the team – we had some amazing names and it made it really difficult to choose but we needed a name to call the warship designed by Rick Sternbach’s so choose we did.

The new name of the warship is KYDOIMOS which means the god or spirit (daemon) of the din of battle, confusion, uproar and hubbub.

Our warmest congratulations to Julien Gielen who’s brilliant entry got the most votes by the team here at Wild House Models. Julien Gielen will receive one of the first castings of the new warship kit when we get it produced, and a signed poster by Rick Sternbach himself. We’ll be adding the name to the new artwork for the packaging, the leaflets and all locations where the ship appears.


We also have 3 runners-up who also each win a signed poster from Rick. These are Carwyn Morris for suggesting the name ‘Sun Tzu’, Markus Euler for his suggestion of ‘Yukikaze’ and Nico Mobius for ‘Liberation’. Congratulations on your entries – the posters will be shipped once Rick has signed them!



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