The Intrepid Star Mining Ship takes form! 3D Parts arrive at HQ


Mining Ship Sketch2016 has already brought some exciting packages but by far the best one to arrive to date is the new delivery from our 3D Printing partner in Cambridge! The parts have been printed for the Mining Ship – Intrepid Star.

The full kit will be 1:350 scale approximately 160mm long and come with a small stand. The kit will be around 47 resin parts in total and might include decals and/or photo-etch (some of these production decisions have not yet been finalised).

We’ve yet to fully clean up and prepare the parts for casting, but we wanted to share some photo’s of the parts. Our first ever concept ship that was created even before the MECS70-B Stasis Pod, the Mining Ship Intrepid Star, captained by Captain Kass has now finally been created. We’ve included the original 3D renders so you can see how well the 3D Printing has duplicated the detail in the digital file.06


A close-up of the top and bottom section in the photo below also shows the side Crew and Science compartments to each side. You can also see the long cargo pod (there will be 6 in total on the model) at the bottom of the picture.mining_ship_parts_5

In the picture below, the main hardware shield is clearly shown. The ship itself is too small for magnetic shield generators and other mechanisms to deflect space dust and debris from its course, so these solid hard shields on the front of the vessel protect it and the crew as it moves through space and into the atmosphere of local planets.mining_ship_parts_4

More detail here including the 2 main engines halves and a circular cargo pod support (shown top right). mining_ship_parts_3

And an even closer view, the two halves of the main fusion engines. An optional lighting kit based on the new GPFX-s Board will be available that will feature exclusively programmed effects and features. We’re also investigating the possibility of adding a sound card to the GPFX-s Board so we’ll have unique sound effects for the Intrepid Star! mining_ship_parts_2

We’ve very excited for the Intrepid Star being prepared for casting for release in Q2 2016. This will be the 2nd vessel we’ve created and you can guarantee, we will have loads more kits to follow!



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