Testing the dummy LED Lighting board in the Medical Console parts


We’ve done a little work on adding in the LED Lighting mock-up boards to the 3D Printed Parts to test and review. Our resident electronics expert Bernie Pottrell has kindly added a few new photos…

Dummy Medical console lighting boardFirst up is the final Board layout dummy – this is printed from a standard laser printer onto card or plastic to get the right thickness, and to check to see whether the ports and joints will be affected by the interior of the model.

The Board will actually be 2 custom circuit boards that will clip together at 90angles. The upright board will hold the USB connectors and the kit has a special plate at the back for you the modeller to remove for the USB cables. One cable will power the kit, the other will enable you to connect to the MECS70-B Stasis Pod (should you have this kit in your collection).

In the photo below you can see the two halves of the main body of the Medical Console, with the scale of the board. The board itself measures 50mm x 20mm in size and will have 2 available ‘free’ pads on which you can solder your own lighting to. The smaller USB Board will be 13mm x 13mm in size.
Electronics mockup in the Medical Console

Here is a photo of the board inside the 2 halves of the base unit.

Electronics mockup in the Medical Console

Below is a cut-away of the part and board in its position. We’ve included ridges and clips inside the main two halves of the base that will securely hold the circuit board in place and protect it when you are removing the USB cables from the back.

Electronics mockup in the Medical Console

As an bit of an update from yesterday, here is how the magnetic switch will fit inside the main keyboard touchscreen. There are 3 screens in the Medical Console kit and this screen will be the one that is horizontal. It will be able to tilt in a limited number of degrees so the wiring is fed through the main hinge unit seen below. The Magnetic Switch is the same one employed in the MECS70-B Stasis Pod and will work the same way, using the ID Card.

Magnetic Sensor in position

In the photo below, we’ve added one of the screens to show how the small white SMD LED light will be inserted into the frame, lighting the screen from the side.

Magnetic Sensor & SMD Light  in position

Below is another view of these two components from the custom lighting board inserted into the main frame and you can see more clearly here, the wiring coming out of the rotating hinge.

Magnetic Sensor & SMD Light  in position


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