Terran Warship design by Rick Sternbach


Exciting news – we’ve received the first draft of the ship concepts from Rick Sternbach and wanted to share them with you here! Rick has started to draw up the ‘ortho’ elevations – side, top, bottom – and will be finishing the rest of the views soon.

In Rick’s own words, he feels that the shape make sense and he can see this ship pushing along in the void. Rick is currently also playing around with a basic foamcore model to help get the blueprints right, as it saves him a lot of time and effort at the drawing board. A ¾ perspective view should be pretty dramatic and we’re excited to be seeing more progress on this ship soon.
Most of the ship’s equipment should be pretty explanatory as drawn here. There are lots of smooth areas for hull markings and the faceted Bridge area is semi-inspired by recent stealth naval vessel designs.
The things that look like cannons are actually EM railguns; the shapes are currently drawn as placeholders and further detail drawings will be done to refine these components. Rick sees the ribbed inset areas as Plasma Beam weapons.
The little hexagons are Escape pod hatches. There are a series are vertical hanger-type doors just under the main body; those come in a few different sizes for different craft. There are a few large bay doors on the underside in the aft center; which could accommodate a few large shuttles, fighter/bomber craft, etc. The circles on the upper and lower wingtips are RCS thruster nozzles.
The ribbed tailcones on the four engines would actually sink deeper inside the base cones with the vents; and it is envisaged that the engine nozzle interiors will be lit. The little tiny dark triangles are hull stress sensors, shield emitters, or both. Rick estimates that each basic deck would be 4 meters tall but some spaces would be shorter, like maintenance areas, and others would be taller – the overall vessel pretty much fits the 420m length we wanted.
EM Cannons shown here on the outer surface.
Side elevation below…
Final Views of the Ship – Starboard & view from the bottom of the vessel.
WarshipStarboard-optimised WarshipTop-optimised

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