Terran Defense has a new Guardian Angel!


battleship_angled Our 3D design experts have now completed the final renders of the warship by Rick Sternbach and they are looking amazing! Even if we say so ourselves. The images below are of the final model created by Mati and Woody who have added new elements of the design to create an aggressive new ship.

Coming next will be the work needed to prepare for 3D printing the Master parts for the casting and resin manufacturer.


The side and top elevation shows the main superstructure of the vessel designated TTF-200869. Weaponry and the four FTL Drive Engines have not yet been added, at this stage, to the model. The designers are wishing to get the 3D model to match Rick’s original sketches and final orthographic drawings as closely as possible before proceeding with changes and adding the final elements to the kit design.

A lot of surface detail though has been added to the main shielding panels and plenty of room for decals is available in the design. We are planning to ship the kit with a custom decal set as well as an optional lighting kit based on a new circuit board that our resident Electronics expert is creating at present.battleship_ortho

As you can see here in these pictures, the ship is still without its engines and weaponry, the vessels’ form from the front elevation shows the dropped ‘wings’ with their front plasma weapons and main decks as well as bridge at the front.battleship_frontHere you can see the original drawing from Rick to compare – labeled with his notes on the functional elements of the ship.warship_ortho_final

In the image below we have now added enhanced railguns and the FTL engines. Some superstructure modifications have also been made to the top and bottom to blend components together better and generally make the ship look slightly better is profile.FINAL_battleship_angled

Here are the final set of images of the ship in all its glory!warship-3d-render-final-1 warship-3d-render-final-2warship-3d-render-final-3 warship-3d-render-final-4 warship-3d-render-final-5 warship-3d-render-final-6 warship-3d-render-final-8 warship-3d-render-final-9 warship-3d-render-final-10 warship-3d-render-final-11

Some final renders in 3DStudio Max of the ship with the plasma and engines lit from inside and better lighting. Next stage…. casting!
warship-3d-render-final-12 warship-3d-render-final-13


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