Tamiya Model Magazine builds & reviews the ORCA HoverBike


tamiya-logoWe’ve received our copy of the Tamiya Model Magazine in the post today and want to share with you their take on the 1:32 scale ORCA HoverBike and Rider kit. They’ve done a great build and documented this in their latest issue.


Barry Ford was commissioned to create a diorama of the ORCA HoverBike by Tamiya Model Magazine and he took a different approach, choosing to place the bike on its kickstand, in landed model. He modified the rider figure a little deciding to pose him standing so some work was done here to modify our seated rider figure. He also added a dog approaching the rider to make it a more humane scene. We want to thank Tamiya Model Magazine for their kind permission to reproduce these images from the publication.

orca_tamiya_3Using the traditionalist approach to weathering the main chassis of the bike was weathered using the ‘hairspray technique’ bu first Barry highlighted some of the key panels on the Bike using masking tape as you can see here.

Paintchipping done, the bike now looked like it had extensive field use, and was a vehicle that had a few miles under its belt!


Barry then created a base for the model and this is documented in the article in a lot of detail. You can see some of the results in the pictures below, but he has used a good level of foliage and grasses to place the bike on the scene.

We hope you will pick up a copy of the magazine in your local newsagent or retailer, or you can get your copy online to read the full article but we are really happy with the results and hope that Tamiya Model Magazine enjoyed the build too!
orca_tamiya_4 orca_tamiya_5



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