Stasis Pod Build – Part 3


In this episode, I spent some time sanding and preparing the resin parts again before giving them a first coat of paint. I concentrated on the curved pipework in this session as both side panels of the Stasis Pod have these pipes and they are a key feature of the design.

In Part 3 of my Blog, I explain how I’ve gone about this stage….

The Alclad metallic paints have now finally arrived. I ordered them from Scale Model Shop here in the UK for around £5 each but since each bottle contains 30ml of paint, I think thats fairly good value for money.

I’ve selected 4 main colours for the build – Jet Exhaust ALC-113, Steel ALC-112, DurAluminium ALC-102 and Copper ALC-110. I also ordered 120ml of Grey Primer & Microfiller ALC-302 as a backup to ensure that the colours go onto the resin well. May be overkill, but I want the paint to retain its adhesion and the microfiller will help hide any surface defects I may have missed.

Alclad Paints

One of the large pipe casts was needing a bit of attention. This 90° bend forms part of the main unit and would transfer cyro liquid from the main reservoir and pump to the inside of the Stasis cylinder. The part itself had a seamline that was not straight and must have come out of the mould slightly ‘wonky’ so I needed to get my fine File to it and then to sand it further with a piece of 1200 grade Wet ‘n’ Dry sandpaper wrapped around a small wooden dowel. This allowed me to work inside the inside of the pipe bend as well as around the outside of the bend. The challenge was to ensure that the diameter curve of the pipe was not affected. You can see in the photo below the work I performed on the primer part as I dry-fitted it in place and glued the two halves of the pipe together.

Pipework & Main Body

Next, I airbrushed Tamiya XF-22 RLM Grey acrylic over the pipes. I’ve chosen this colour as it gives a military base to the pipes and my plan is to add chipping and scrapes to the pipes before I apply the metallic Alclad colour so that the kit has a used feel!

Large Pipes

Here is another photo of the rest of the smaller pipes that will attach to the side of the Stasis Pod with the same RLM Grey applied.

Loads of Pipes!

Next, I’ll be masking and painting the Alclad onto the pipes in order to make the finished parts before assembly. This will be the first time using Alclad paints but I have only heard good things about their application and I’m really looking forward to putting on some great effects to the kit. Until next time!


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