Stasis Pod Build Blog Part 10 – Finished the painting!


Great weekend here in the UK this week and with an amazingly warm day on Saturday, I managed to get a lot more done. As an update with my progress in this new Build Blog part 10. I assembling all the previously painted parts and and put the base on, adding in the LED Lighting Board and checking it all works! Read more on this…

Control Boxes

First up this week was finishing off the main Control Boxes that will be added to the sides, near the pipework. I decided to paint the front face with dark Alclad2 Steel and the outer faces with the Alclad2 Aluminium. I then gave them a slight weathering but wanted to leave them pretty clear for the decals. I’m using low-tack Frog Tape as this seems to be a little easier on the paintwork.

Next was a lot of masking on the base. I used the Humbrol MaskolHumbol Masking Solution and painted this on as I had a lot of detail and curves to work around, and felt that masking tape was simply not going to work effectively. Painting the Maskol on tool about 10 minutes and needs to be left for at least 20 minutes before apply various alclad2 paint colours to the surface detail panels shown in the pictures below.

Detail on the base

Detail on the base

Detail on the base

In this photograph below, you can see some of the extra little detail I have added. In my previous blog, I had mentioned I drilled into the base for some wire to be added and here you can see the finished 1mm thick wire in place. I used Jewellery wire as this gave the wire a nice finish and was easy to manipulate.

Detail on the base

Next stage was to add in the MECS70-B LED Lighting Board that will power the kit. This custom board was designed by our Electronics Expert Bernie Pottrell and features a programmed Promini board that functions as the heart of the kit. Bernie’s blog covers this in greater detail… I decided not to use screws but simply cut some spacers out of plastic tubing and mounted them with a little hotglue. This now keeps the Board in place at the base. Hardest part was inserting the wires into their corresponding ports on the board and glueing the main Stasis Pod body to the base with some CA glue.

Added the Electronics Board into the Base

Wanted to add a bit of final touch to the top of the kit so masked off the hatch and plating and coated them in various shades of Alclad2 before giving them a weathered finish.

Painted detail on the Lid

Painted detail on the Lid

Painted the side sub-controls on the lefthand side of the Pod and put a little rusting on the rivets. I’m really pleased with the overall weathered look of the pod.

Painted detail on the Side

Lastly, sprayed the whole of the Pod with a lacquer to ensure that when I applied the Decals, the weathered and chipped effect would not cause a problem with their application. Final test on the LED Lights to see if they worked and we’re nearly done! In the video below, you can see the latest stage of this build and how the kit is nearly complete.

Here are a couple of updated photo’s of the Kit complete.



So next steps will be to apply the Decals and to put it onto a small diorama base. I have a few ideas about this and have loads of spares and parts that I can use from discarded kits to make a section of the medical deck. Until next time!


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