Stasis Pod Build Blog Part 9 – It’s coming together!


Copper Cryo Pads in the chamberAfter a very productive weekend, I wanted to update everyone on my progress in this new Build Blog part 9. I spent some time this weekend assembling all the previously painted parts and adding in the figure to the kit. Read more on this…

I managed to get some time at my bench this week and spent it working on my Stasis Pod. I really wanted to get the figure into the Pod and worked towards putting some of the final finishing touches to the outside of the main Stasis Pod surfaces. First, I started to apply a mixture of Flat Aluminium XF-16 and some Purple X-16 Tamiya paint to some of the external detail of the model and areas of definition to highlight some areas in a brighter colour.

Detail on the side painted purple

Detail on the base painted purple

The technique of adding a metallic paint to the purple gave it a little effect which is noticeable up close. I wanted to also consider the need for these areas to also be weathered, but if they were manufactured in a different metal from the main Stasis Pod skin, these would weather in a different way.

I applied some of this purple metallic paint to the base, near the main door.

As this was drying I applied a coat of Alclad 2 metallic Copper to the 6 Stasis Pod control pads that sit inside the main Chamber, behind the figure. These 6 pads are what would in effect, control the cryo process and maintain the temperature for suspended animation.

Next up was masking the front of the Stasis Pod and applying several layers of white to the inside of the Stasis Chamber itself. I masked off the main light at the top of the Pod with BluTack as it seemed the simplest method to cover such a difficult shape from the airbrush. A few coats and drying time layer and I had a pristine interior ready for the 6 Cryo panels to be glued in place.

Copper Cryo Pads in the chamber

After this had all been glued into place I was eager to get the 70mm Captain figure into the Pod. This had previously been painted and prepared so I simply applied a little CA glue to the feet and mounted the figure into place in the chamber.

Captain Figure in Stasis Chamber

DoorFinally, I glued the final door and door arms into place which I’d painted previously, and added the various guide rails onto the model. A quick check on the electronics to see if everything was ok and I added the small clear light part to the base of the Pod as I’d not added this yet.

You can see the progress below. I’ve also added in the flexible pipes but not yet put them completely in place as I still need to add in the Control Boxes first.

Stasis Pod with door in place

So next steps will be to finish of the Control Boxes, paint the detail on the base and lid and generally finalise the model before adding onto the base.









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