Starship paper & board mock-up by Rick Sternbach


warship_3Rick Sternbach has shared some progress on his concept design of the new Military warship from Hostile Realms™. He’s been hard at work created a paper and foamboard model mock-up in order to evaluate the ship’s dimensions and lines. Read on to see more of his work…

As you can see from the great photo’s below, Rick has taken his initial ideas and concepts and applied them to a physical paper and card model using foamboard to develop the basic shape and to provide rigidity to the model design. He’s then applied detail and card elements to see how the armour and shielding is applied to the surface.


Rick has not applied any level of great detail to the engines as you can see here as this model is simply a guide for him to create the final blueprints. Rick tends to work on traditional paper for the blueprints using pencil and ink before supplying to us for CAD development.



The wings have been angled downwards to break the line and flow of the vessel, and to give some definition to the way the engines and weapons will be mounted. The main crew quarters and bridge are shown clearly here on the top with smaller Plasma weapons sections added to the side of the vessel.


Below is a shot from underneath showing the main hangar bay and at the front of the vessel, an additional weapon section that looks like an inverted shark fin! By using this technique, Rick is able to move the model around physically and get a sense of the final model kit – something that CAD models don’t always permit.






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