Screen Printed panels for the Medical Console arrive today


Main Screen for the Dall AlienWe received a package today from our Decal supplier of the laser-cut screen-printed artwork for the 3 clear panels that will be part of the new Medical Console kit coming in April 2015.

Based on designs showing either Human or Alien graphics, the screens will be available as an option when you order the kit in the Shopping Cart. If you have the MECS70-B Stasis Pod kit already, you may have decided to choose the alien to go inside the Pod. So, as an option, you’ll be given the choice of matching the screen designs to the figure inside the Stasis Pod. We have done it this way so you have various options around your diorama build. Remember, if you’ve also chosen to invest in the custom LED Lighting Boards for both kits, they will work together and the Medical Console will function in the same way as the Stasis Pod. Both kits can be linked together by cable we will supply for more advanced kit building!




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