SciFi Diorama scenery Packs coming soon


Wall-panels-2Over the past few months we’ve been working on some extra items such as the Barrels and Crate accessories currently being planned for casting later this year. In addition, we are creating a set of sci-fi diorama’s that will be compatible with our kits such as the MECS70-B Stasis Pod or the MEC Medical Console kit.

These samples shown here are the first in the range of the diorama scenery kits and are made of 3mm and 1.5mm MDF board that has been precision cut by laser. Each of the kits will come ready to be assembled and can be also modified by you. They will feature some of our special Pipes from the Pipework for Professional Scratchbuilders sets currently available in our store.

The artwork has been created to be fully compatible with the current Hostile Realms™ model kits but if you wish to use this with another kit manufacturer then they should be compatible with these too. The have been designed for 1:24 or 1:20 scale models kit ranges which should support Ma.K or other brands. The Base is 200mm x 200mm in size and the walls are 140mm high.


Below are some pictures of the first set of samples created by laser – we have used a mixture of materials but the final kits will be all MDF. In the photo below, we have assembled one of the wall panels and the 2 structural supports which are made from 3 separate elements that will insert into slots in the walls for assembly.Wall-panels-1

Here is a picture of the other wall section that has 2 of our custom pipes added. None of these parts have been painted yet so you can see the dotted guide lines on the base board which we have now modified in the latest version not to show once you have mounted the parts on top.

Wall-panels-3Wall-panels-2 Below is the main Base at 200mm x 200mm in size made from 3mm MDF with holes for the larger pipes and slots for the upright support struts shown in the first pictures above. The area in the centre is for the MECS70-B Stasis Pod but as an alternative, we have supplied a separate part should you not need this and wish to use the Base for your own model such as a BSG Viper or Ma.K Droid.
Wall-panels-4 Here is the first mock-up of all the components and parts dry-fitted. We have some misalignment issues in the first sample shown here which we have now corrected – this kit will be supplied with two 70mm thin pipes for the walls and the larger fatter pipe for the base.

The pictures below now show a coat of primer on the walls and base elements. The alternative panel for the centre of the base is clearly shown here to the right of the picture.Wall-panels-14

We’ve added some extra holes on the 200mm x 200mm base board for a smaller pipe and moved the location of the larger pipe to fit the panel better.Wall-panels-16


Assembled and primed, the first sample of the kit. We have now added more detail to the boards, corrected some minor issues and are preparing another set of samples to check before we have this ready as a production kit. Future kits for the MEC Medical Console are already being planned for release soon and will feature windows and doorways as well as additional levels and staircases.
Wall-panels-10 Wall-panels-11 Wall-panels-12 Wall-panels-13


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