Samples of Captain Kass Figure arrive at Wild House Models!


Look what arrived in our postbox this morning!

Resin Sample of Captain Kass 70mm figure - Head 1

We’ve taken delivery of 3 new 70mm figure samples from our moulding and casting company in the UK and they have done an amazing job in retaining the detail in the resin from the sculpts. The figure has poseable arms, 2 heads and will be available in a few weeks time to buy but you can pre-order your kit now.


Captain Kass ConceptThe images really show the great detail on the model parts and how well the sculptor worked on the kits components to reflect the original illustration that our artist, Woody Stables created.

It shows Captain Kass’ CryoSuit and flight equipment with great definition. You can clearly see that the sculptor has followed the illustrations as closely as he could to get the body suit detail and advanced technology to be clearly shown on the suit.

We’ve used the same resin material that we’re using in the Stasis Pod model kits and there is very little flashing and mould lines to clean up.

We’ll be taking stock of this kit in a few weeks time so get your order in now from the eStore link below!

Have a look at some of the sculpting photos of this new kit from Hostile Realms™.


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