Sample screen parts for the Medical Console now here


screen-layout-ideas-v1.3The post brings new samples today for the MEC Medical Console kit – specifically the screen-printed displays that will be part of the new kit design. Some early designs were posted here but we’ve changed the colour scheme a little and here are the results.

In the design of the Medical Console kit, 3 touch screen interface screens will be sandwiched between the frames, and lit by the optional LED Lighting Kit that’s currently in development. Bernie Pottrell has written a blog entry on this new electronics kit if you require more information.

CAD rendering of the Medical Console

The 3 touchscreen panels are made of acrylic and are screen printed with 4 colours. They are then laser-cut to size to fit into the frame parts. As you can see from the photo’s below, we’ve had a sample of different thicknesses of acrylic printed to test how well the parts can be printed.

Loads of Medical Console screens printed

The photo below shows the top lefthand screen of the Medical Console which is the main screen above the keyboard display. This shows the current environmental status of the individual in the MECS70-B Stasis Pod – their vitals, bio readouts etc.

Top Lefthand Screen sample

Medical Console tertiary ScreenThe next shot shows the smaller, righthand secondary screen which has the individuals’ brain scan and readings of their brain activity for the doctors to review and maintain.

The panel has been produced in 1mm and 2mm acrylic for testing so we’re now going to match this up with the frame parts and check the fit.

Medical Console panel thickness






In the next photo, you can see the touchscreen keyboard which also has some bio readings and information displayed to the medical staff as well as heartbeat and rhythmic data.

Medical Console keyboard screen

Finally, the 3 screens shown together. These are the 2mm thick acrylic panels.

Medical Console Screen samples



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