The Production Sample Kit has arrived!


Wild House Models has received the first sample proof from our moulding & casting partner today here in the United Kingdom, and the kits look great!

The original 3D  Viper master parts that we first supplied which were used to create the moulding from, have retained a lot of detail and the kit seams and flashing has been kept to a minimum which is fantastic news as you can see from the pictures below. The main parts fit together remarkably well and we’ve retained a huge amount of detail in the additional greebles and parts added post 3D Printing.

Dry assembly of the Resin Kit

Dry assembly of the Resin Kit

The clear parts have also been reproduced brilliantly. Production of clear acrylic parts is always a challenge and we’re glad to have found a great company that has this capability and specialises in model kit production.

 Clear Acrylic Parts       Clear Door Glass and Door surround

Next stage is the full production run of the initial batch of kits for you, the modeller. These will take around 6-8 weeks to produce so we’ll be expecting to put these up for sale at the end of May if all goes well! Here are some more great photos of the MEC S70-B Stasis Pod for you to look over.

Closeup of the Top of the Stasis Pod

Some Parts of the Stasis Pod kit

Some Parts of the Stasis Pod kit

Door Arm and Safety Rails

The Door Arm and Safety Rails


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