Rick Sternbach to design a new Military Ship for Hostile Realms


We have some important and really exciting news to share. As an exclusive to Wild House Models, we are working on a design for a new starship by Rick Sternbach – one of the leading designers in the film & TV industry. Rick worked on some great popular sci-fi shows such as Star Trek The Next Generation, Voyager, Deep Space Nine & The Last Starfighter! Rick was the designer of the USS Voyager starship, as well as the Cardassian Galor class & Klingon Vor’cha ship and we are very proud to have his designs associated with our next generation of kits.

Rick has won 2 HUGO awards and an Emmy for his creative and technical skills and is geneally a great guy to know. He’s written many books together with Michael Okuda and has a great understanding of what is needed to bring a new ship design to life for us.

This kit will be a new military deepspace vessel at 1:1400 scale. This ship will be designed exclusively for us and we hope to share some concept art in the next few weeks as we get progress from the Rick himself. The plan is to have a finished kit of around 300mm in length based on his designs and his initial ideas already have the Wild House crew talking up a storm!

Ship concepts by Rick Sternbach


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