Revealed – the new Rider Figure for the ORCA HoverBike


The O.R.C.A. HoverBike kit is being released with a 1:32 scale Rider figure and we’ve not really shared much on this figure sculpt from Mati until now. The figure comes with optional heads, a backpack and weapon.


The armoured rider wears an enhanced VR Mask and breather for rarified alien atmosphere. The carbon-composite armour panels protect him from the intense speeds of the Hover Bike during his long journeys over the surfaces of the alien landscape.

The Rider has been sculpted to fit perfectly in the seat of the HoverBike, and his hands will hold the two handlebars comfortably.


A close-up of the sculpt shows the level of detail we’ve added including the handgun and backpack which are optional elements should you wish to add these to the figure when you assemble him on the bike.



The kit comes with two optional heads and you can choose either for the assembly. You choose which you prefer!





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