Preparing the Medical Console parts for moulding and casting


With production on the Medical Console going on, progress has increased and we have hundreds of little issues to resolve and finalise before we can get the parts ready for casting. Some of the parts are being prepared for the moulding process and being cleaned and primed in order for the moulding to take place.

The 3D printed parts below form part of the two main side units of the Medical control Console and features a storage box within opening lid and 3 different options for a shelf that sits inside the unit. One shelf will be a deep recess; another has the ability to wire in electronics to it using our custom LED Lighting Kit we are in the process of designing; and the last shelf features medical tools and equipment.

Medical Console 3D Parts

Below you can see the side unit dry-fit assembled with various power assess ports and control vents. The lid on the storage box is shown on the right with the lid in the closed position.

Assembly of the Medical Console side unit

Another close-up of the unit from the other side showing an optional cable sleeve. These two parts will seal around any rubber hosing you wish to use to further enhance the model but we’ll supply an optional circular plate should you not wish to use this on your model.

Assembly of the Medical Console side unit

Right now we are working on a few final elements to the LED Lighting Board that can be fitting inside the kit before production begins on the boards. This includes preparing the final programming code for the board to control the MECS70-B Stasis Pod from this Medical Console if you wish to link the two kits together.

We’ve started to work on the instruction leaflet and design for the packaging and we will post progress on this in the next few weeks. We are preparing some ideas for the Medical Doctor figure and commissioning our sculptor to create this so that the figure can be posed controlling the medical console interface. The optional Nurse figure will be next.

Updated designs for the Medical Console touchscreensLastly, the touchscreen interface screens are already in production on clear acrylic 1mm sheet and will be printed in high quality and offered as an option on the model. You can choose between either the Human or Alien interface design to go with the figure inside the Pod.

More progress coming soon on this kit but we expect to have it in casting production in the next 4-6 weeks.


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