Please vote for your favourite cover image for our new eBook


We will be releasing our first novel based on the Hostile Realms™ universe soon as a digital eBook and we want you, as our loyal customers and followers, to choose the cover image that will appear in the Amazon Kindle Store and on other eBook sites globally.

You can vote using the buttons below BUT YOU ONLY GET ONE VOTE so make it count. We have 6 artwork designs to choose from, and the winning design will be used in our eBook “Arms Race” written by Neil Wooding.

The first Hostile Realms eBook is being released soon - what cover art do you prefer? Written by Neil Wooding and based on the Hostile Realms universe, this eBook will be released on Kindle and other eBook formats soon. We want you to choose the cover art so please help us choose the image for our new novel "Arms Race"


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