Painting up the Military version of the ORCA HoverBike


As an alternative to the Civilian HoverBike, you can opt to assemble the Military version instead. Here, our talented team member Mati Zander has put paint to resin and created a Desert version of the kit.

Mati has opted to paint the kit with a desert / khaki effect and a small amount of weathering at the front of the bike, where the intense speed would cause chipping and knocks to the front of the bike. He has opted to assemble the rider with the helmet on but the kit comes with a version of the rider’s head without the helmet, just protective goggles so you have plenty of choice for your own build.


The HoverBike’s A5 Custom Decals have been used to good effect on the side and top of the model kit. Below you can see the CAUTION symbol on the back of the control HUD as well as a HI-EX notice where the guns will be mounted (not shown on this picture).hoverbike_military_version_painted_1

The sandy colour has been used to good effect with a flat colour applied overall, and then items of detail picked out in darker shades.hoverbike_military_version_painted_2

Here are a few pictures of the finished bike with the decals and guns on position. We’ve shown versions below with the helmet or the plan head which comes in the kit so you can see the difference.military-hoverbike-1


Here is a closeup of some of the smaller decals in the kit. military-hoverbike-3

The rider has a few decals applied, sealed and then weathering detail added so that the armour and suit looks like it has been through a few skirmishes! The riders HUD is linked to the on-board AI.military-hoverbike-4


Here, Mati has painted the console of the bike with some extra detail but this part is clear, so you can light this from behind with the GPFX-s Lighting controller board should you so wish. More decals have been added to the rear of the seat, above the main exhaust vent.military-hoverbike-6



The rider sits behind the main scramjet engine and weapons hardpoints. military-hoverbike-9


In the picture below, you can see that the front of the bike has been scuffed and damaged from the high speeds flying over alien terrains, but the armour has withstood the rigors of travel. Weathering and scratches mark the surface of the bike.military-hoverbike-11


We hope you enjoy the ORCA HoverBike and you can order one today!hoverbike_mz_1



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