New designs for the touchscreen layout to the Med Console


Quick update today as I’ve not made one in a while, but we’ve been working on some artwork for an alternative screen design for the Medical Console. Our illustrator Woody Stables has created the Alien Dall skeletal figure so we are aplnning to offer 2 options for the Medical Console screens.

Dall Skeleton figureOpposite you can see the  figure that Woody has carefully drawn, based on the initial concept illustrations he drew for the figure. From this, we’ve already sculpted the 70mm figure for inserting into the MECS70-B Stasis Pod but we wanted to offer you, the modeller an option on a different screen, should you have opted to use the Alien figure and not Captain Kass.

Main Screen for the Dall AlienHere is one of the screens in detail showing the biosigns of the Alien figure in Stasis.

Below you can see all of the current designs for the Medical Console that we are creating and if you are interested in seeing more on this, visit this post here.

Updated designs for the Medical Console touchscreens


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