New Dall Alien breeds come to Hostile Realms


dahlWe’re increasing the range of the Dall Alien race – we’ve been working hard to create some new 3D Renders of the other classes – an Elite and a Warrior Caste.

We’ve just released a new Video on our YouTube channel and after the clip we’ve added some new photos for you to review.

The Dall Warrior posed with his special weapon, dagger and pouches containing his personal belongings.

dhall-attack-screen-2 dhall-attack-screen

This is the Warrior caste model with some texture and colour showing the detail around his external chitinous armour paneling and musculature.

Here is a 3D multimedia video that you can use to view the alien in different angles and zoom in on the detail of the Elite figure.

Dhall Alien
by matiwashere
on Sketchfab

dhall-screenshot-5 dhall-screenshot-4


Below is the Elite Caste which has a longer neck and body shape than the Warrior. The style of their armour paneling is subtly different and they have less muscles.

dhall-screenshot-1 dhall-screenshot-2


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