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I’m writing this post in response to various comments on our Facebook and Forum feeds. Over time, we’ve had some positive and negative comments about our kits and I wanted to share my personal thoughts with you all about how they affect what we do as a team.

As you know, Wild House Models is a collective – a team of talented indivduals that work under a UK Limited Company banner to produce the kits. We specialise in producing high quality designs and own the copyright on our concepts that we then manufacture and produce using a range of external professional partners and companies. This approach means we are not a ‘typical’ garage kit company…

However, we have a few individuals on social media that have shared their loathing around this approach to the way we develop kits, stating that 3D printing is not the way that kits should be produced. To counter this argument I say that we’re not the only business now using professional 3D Printing to create our master parts – the industry is changing!

Our 3D Printing is done by a professional business with over 25 years experience here in the UK based near Cambridge. Their SLA Viper printers are capable of less than 20 micron printing using a sintering technique through a printer worth £100,000 or more – not your atypical desktop 3D home printer! This level of accuracy in our models means we achieve a very high quality for our Master parts. We’re not alone in this – other resin kit companies such as Industria Mechanika use these types of printers to generate their master parts.

What baffles me is that these naysayers seems to be fixated that anything not injection moulded is not a true model kit.Their stance seems to be one of the old school approach to modelling so I want to say that we will continue to create outstanding kits in resin using our talent and skills. Maybe in the future we will move towards injection moulding but the cost of moulds is so prohibitive we’d need to sell 10,000+ kits in order to really make any money and after all, we are a business.

We choose to use professional businesses like CMA and Blap Models to cast our kits – these are again, established and professional companies who provide quality casting and moulding services, and have been moulding kits for the film and professional model business for years. While they might take longer than we to cast 50 kits from a single mould, they have the kit, the talent and the experience to deliver parts almost free or defects and bubbles – and our customers can attest to this. Some have never seen resin kits of such high quality – don’t take our word for it…. read these comments online yourself.

Thankfully, our fans outweigh the naysayers online. I’d like to personally thank the fans of Wild House Models for supporting us as we’re grew from an embryonic dream to a company now creating a new range of scifi kits. It is heartwarming to see the builds and hear the comments about our upcoming kits – its what drives us in the end to stretch our imaginations.

While some of these negative comments can sometimes affect our morale, we know that our final vision and goal is to delivery of kits we’d be proud of creating. If you have an opinion – negative or positive – share it. Our skin is growing thicker by the day!


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