More Scenery Pack designs being developed


Over the past week we’ve been created a new set of designs in Adobe Illustrator for the new Scenery Pack that will be compatible with the MEC Medical Console kit out soon. We’ve already created one that is compatible with the MECS70-B Stasis Pod and this is the next in the series.

Translating a 3D concept into 2D requires some techniques to ensure that the final design is sufficient for the model kit being positioned and presented, but doesn’t detract from the kit itself. Time is spent drafting and conceptualizing the idea before putting mouse to screen. We wanted to add a door and window to this Scenery Pack so that was a critical part of the design to begin. Adding payer like before and using the same elements from the other pack ensures we keep the design consistent. We also wanted to include some of the resin pipework as the other Scenery Pack, so this was blended into the design walls.

Below is one of the main walls that will be laser cut from 3mm MDF board. The Doorway has a lot of engraved features to suggest the concept of a door in the wall section. A small pipe can be see to the right side of the doorway.


The other Wall panel will feature a clear acrylic panel for the window that will also be engraved by laser. We need to run some tests first to ensure this is ok and won’t melt the acrylic but we’ve been assured by our laser cutting supplier that all will be fine. This window panel will fit within a frame mount that will be glued to the wall to hold the clear window in place.

With layers and engraving we can give the impression of facias and detail and hint at aspects of the deck of a ship or space station.



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