ModelGeek reviews some of our kits!


Peter Ong over at has kindly put pen to paper (actually fingers to keyboard) and performed a highly comprehensive and objective review of our figure kits – the standing Dall Warrior; the Engineer Maruca and the 1:24 scale Doctor Clayton. All are currently available in our Store to buy and after you’ve read the review, you may wish to get your order in before they’re gone!

Dall Alien RaceFirst up, the Dall Warrior in standing pose and receiving a whopping 93% rating! With this great score we obviously want to share the pride in the office but do head over and read the article yourself here. “Original design, nice sinew appearance, good fit, options of cloak or exposed torsos and heads, and nice casting quality. The generic appearance and lack of decorations means this alien could fit into many scenes and a wide variety of uses. Highly recommended.”

FIG06_1Next, the ‘Doc’ gets the attention from and is given a brilliant review with a fantastic 91% grading“A nicely cast, simple kit, with crisp details and engraved lines. Proportional figure with two head options. Futuristic and generic appearance means a variety of figure uses. The combination of high-tech features, designs, and style makes this figure stand out as an original kit.” The full review article and images can be read here.

FIG03_1bLastly, the Engineer Maruca figure kit which is one of our older figure sculpts. at 87% still a great rating out of 100% and in Peter’s words –“A unique and original generic design that could be used for other purposes, however, the figure’s fixed pose may also limit these other uses and roles. Simple kit with few parts. Decent quality and details. The full review article and images can be read here.



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