Intrepid Star Mining Ship

SHIP1_3The Intrepid Star Mining vessel currently is owned by Raven Ore Confederated Logistics and has been in operation for nearly 27 years. Based on the heavy-shielded Gorgon frame used on early space fighters the ship has been retrofitted to carry cargo containers capable of holding over 300,000 metric tonnes or ore.

At 62m in length, the ship has twin Orion FTL V67-J drives and berths for 12 crew including 2 officers. Normally operation requires the ship to be in deep space for over 8 months at a time, so the systems are simple enough for a limited crew to maintain – however, disasters have been known to occur once in a while.

Mining Ship 1_low

The mining vessel the Intrepid Star is over 62m in length and features a small crew of just 12 personnel including the captain and pilot. The ship is designed to have 6 main crew compartments including a med bay with Stasis Pods and a rear hangar. The vessel has the ability to carry significant ore tonnage loads in special cargo sections under the main vessel that can be transferred when in dock. These are designed to rotate in port to allow for unloading of the raw ore and mined materials.