MEC Medical Bay Console Unit


MECMD_7An advanced equipment and monitoring tool for doctors and medical personnel, the MEC Medical Console unit is capable of monitoring 10 different Stasis Pods at once from a central control console. In 2078, the Moneta Engineering Consortium of Earth, with the benefit of the then readily available Flexani medical expertise, developed the first commercial Stasis Pod for crew hibernation and over the next 17 years, perfected the design and functionality of the unit for use on commercial starships. The Medical Console was a natural extension of that technology and came into production in 2094.

With 3 dynamic touch-screen interface screens that can be adjusted by several pre-defined control options, the interface allows doctors and nurses to maintain the stasis environments of many different personnel independently. The Holographic screens are a bit of a misnomer, actually consisting of a silica and carbon based smart material, reshaping and lighting to create complicated raised images.

Powered independently from the main Stasis Pods, to ensure failsafe procedures and redundancy are provided should main power go offline. The two side compartments are dedicated to cooling the extremely dense carbon transistor modules and main processor which is a sub-AI engine designed by FORGE Technologies on Mars Colony.

Medical data can be transferred to a portable tablet device if required for mobile monitoring, and provides a way of automatically adjusting the medication or Stasis Pod operations.

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