O.R.C.A. Hover Bike

HoverBike1_1The Ordinance & Reconnaissance Covert Avenger is a specialised vehicle with multiple uses both in Military or Civilian environments. Also known as the O.R.C.A. Hover Bike, the vehicle is a single rider transport with a scramjet engine capable of speeds in excess of 180mph.

Designed by the FUKUI:Kavanagh Corporation in 2089 the standard model has been the mainstay of remote transport needs on alien planets, with advanced fuel cell support and a range of expansion features or add-on
components for specic requirements. The Military version features advanced shielding and weapon hardpoint
mounted on the main chassis. The Civilian version provides enhanced speed capabilities and storage for equipment transport.

Stabilisation and advanced graviton technology that was reverse-engineered from Flexani craft provide a comforting ride at high speeds, while sub-AI processing allows for rapid detection and collision response.