Different Races of Dall

On the edge of the Neutral Zone, mutually created between Human and Flexani space, resides the Sol-like star XT-67, perhaps better known on Earth as Heimdallr, or in old human Norse language, the ‘World-Brightener’. Around this otherwise unremarkable star orbits an M-Class planet, the old Norse name of which translates as “The heavenly dwelling of the Norse gods (the Aesir) and slain war heroes”. In modern language, Asgard, a planetary name soon to become infamous.


Similar in size and mass to Earth, Asgard possesses a breathable oxygen/nitrogen atmosphere and is rich in most of the minerals and elements needed for the manufacture of space going vessels. However, the planet is inhabited by many forms of life; many as yet undiscovered it is believed. The predominant life-form though is the insectoid race, the Dall. At first glance, this alien sub-species does not appear to be particularly advanced, and it seems that they haven’t yet achieved flight of any kind, either atmospheric or space.

dhall-attack-screen-2They have, however, proved themselves to be hostile and primitive in their beliefs during the limited number of encounters with humans, but little more is known about their race. What we do know is that they maintain a 'caste' society with Warrior, Shaman and workers as the core components controlling many aspects of Dall life. Common thought among scientists is that they are controlled through a Queen or Elder group but this is currently speculation as no remnants have been found to back this theory up.

The Dall do harness local flora and fauna to feed themselves, and to use as modes of transport. The Khorr beast is a six-legged insectoid animal much like the Oxen was on Earth before their demise in the Phage war of 2055. The Dall utilise the Khorr for transporting goods and chattel as well as for war, arming the beasts with plates of mined Corismite.

Corismite is the reason mankind is keen to exploit the Planet Asgard. This valuable ore was instrumental in creating the Jump Drive technology and forms the hardened cores of the engines that power this faster-than-light travel technology. Corismite is a malleable ore at low temperatures, but when subject to high temperatures, the ore's structure changes making the material unique for starship engine design. It has military uses too but the fact that the ore is challenging to mine and can only be found currently on the Planet Asgard, means that humankind must travel vast distances to extract this valuable asset.