Dall Warriors

FIG02_9The Dall Warrior Caste are found on a small planet called Asgard, near to the Flexani Border. The Dall society is very sophisticated but they live a very primitive lifestyle, using organic and crude metal weapons made or the rare metal Corismite.. These weapons though are known to be very deadly in the hands of the Warrior Caste.

Little is know of the different breeds of Dall, but the Warrior is perhaps the one our scientists know the most about. With a larger head or thorax than the other castes, the Warrior breed have enhanced musculature and speed. They stand around 8ft tall and therefore, can move very fast if needed.

Typically they carry a small but lethal dagger and a 12ft spear as their main weapons but other Dall Warriors have been seen with shields of plates of mined Corismite, and often riding beasts into combat. Their outer armour plating is also strong and made of an organic bone-like material that can withstand some small-arms weapon fire.

They have a guttural speech and a simple written language. More on the Dall can be found here…