Captain Kath’ryn Kass

Cryo Pod 15Kath’ryn Kass has been Captain of the Intrepid Star Mining ship for over 3 years, having taken over from its last captain who was due to retire.

The International Mining Craft INTREPID STAR XM-78KL is a small craft with a crew of around 12 but with a significant storage capacity of over 300,000 metric tonnes. Captain Kass initially trained in the Military Corp as a senior officer but was discharged over an incident. Her records are sealed, but she was discharged with full honors and very little is otherwise known about this but the Raven Ore Mining Corporation were satisfied enough to allow her to crew the ship.

She has family living in Hawaii on Earth and frequently returns to enjoy the surfing which is her favorite pasttime. She even carries her board with her on the Star and tries to find alien oceans to surf in, when off duty. She is single but has an ongoing relationship with Commander Terris, the mining station’s manager on Mirral, located in Sector 45-1 near the Flexani border.