Concepts and Art of Hostile Realms

captain-concept-Hero-Image-1078x488Design is instrumental to the Hostile Realms™ concept and in order to establish a brand style to the characters, tech and ships we first spent time at the sketchpad in order to design some of the main aspects of the universe. Woody Stables, our very talented artist worked long and hard trying to created technology that was based 100 years from now, but gave us a unique style to build upon.

This illustrative style of raw concept sketches and finished art is included in everything we do – from our website to our kit packaging. Part of what we also did to support this, was to create an animated video based on the concept art so do look at our YouTube video.

Video panel 2

We evolved some of the aspects into more detailed element – the ships, the crew and the aliens. And thus, the models kit are born.