Mission Log: IMC Intrepid Star 10.11.2097


International Mining Craft INTREPID STAR XM-78KL

Captain Kass at her console

We have been running at sublight now for 5 days and the AI reports no problems or navigational issues so we are on track to arrive at Sector 45-1 in the next 2 months. I’ve not entered Stasis yet myself although the crew have been assigned their Stasis Pods. I’ve been concerned about a recent report on Flexani ships seen at our target destination of planet Mirral.

Command has kindly furnished me with as much information they have received from Military INTSec has shared with them but I must say, the material is brief to say the least.

What we know is that 3 Flexani small attack fighters were seen in orbit of Mirral several weeks ago, but these short-range fighters need a fleet craft to support them unless they have a base on the planet’s surface. This means that a larger vessel could be in the vicinity of our destination and this is my worry.

However, Command has decided we are to continue our mission – against my better judgement – and I have made a formal complaint in my Log against our continuance. Command have assured me that the mines’ Commander Terris has reported no recently activity and they have not been attacked, so I’m included to agree with Command despite my reservations.

This ship carries no weapons and so I have logged a request through Command for military support but I am under no illusions that Military Command may not listen to our need. After all, they are spread pretty thin in that Sector already…

I’m heading in Stasis in the next hour. I have nothing more to report other than the AI will alert me in any situation that it feels justified to wake me.

Captain Kass signing off.


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