Mission Log: IMC Intrepid Star 5.11.2097


International Mining Craft INTREPID STAR XM-78KL

Captain Kass at her console


We left Earth’s orbit over 3 weeks ago and now we are out of the solar system, have engaged the ships’ main drive on route to Sector 45-1 near the Flexani border. I’ve expressed my concerns about the nearness to Flexani space to Mission Control but have been assured that Terran military ships are in the region and it is safe to travel to our destination – a G-class planet known as ‘Mirral’.

The crew have been preparing the vessel for sublight and all cargo and equipment has been stored safely for the trip. Flight Officer Olsen has been suffering from a mild case of flu, and I have ordered him into Stasis first under advice from the Medical Officer

We’ve been having an intermittent coolant issues with cryo tank 6. Engineering has assured me its safe but I have decided to shut down Stasis Pod 4 for maintenance until we get back. I don’t want a problem with the Pods in deep space and risking my crews’ health, despite repeated requests to Control for more funds to repair these ageing units. I’ve therefore put the ship on a 3-man rotation during the duration of the mission. This will mean added shifts and less time in Stasis but I’m sure the crew will perform well as they have done before.

Our mission parameters require us to rendezvous with the mining Station on the planet’s surface in order to collect the 300,000 tonnes of raw ore for processing. We’ll start refining on the journey back to Earth and should complete the mission in little under 5 months if all goes well. I’ve entered into my Log the current ship’s fuel and resource status as well as the crews’ last evaluation report. Ensign Drexler has been progressing well with his duties in the mess-hall and fitting in well with the team although he does bear the brunt of the crew’s jokes.

We have a full hold of food supplies and medical supplies for the mining Station and I’m looking forward to having dinner again with Commander Terris, the mining station’s manager. He was very complimentary and supportive of our work and was a pleasure to talk to after several weeks in Stasis isolation. I have stored a personal bottle of Chateau Lafite Rothschild Pauillac 2078 which I’ve been told is a very good year which I hope he will share.

Navigation has been entered and I have confirmed with Mission Control so we are waiting for the AI to engage the sublight engines. First shift has begun and the remainder of the crew are now safely in Stasis. I have slaved the AI controls to my Pod and will be alerted should anything happen on the journey but will be entering stasis myself within the next 48 hours.

Captain Kass signing off.


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