Medical Console electronics board


Medical Console electronics boardWe’ve received the first 100 printed PCB’s from our supplier of the new Medical Console LED Lighting kit circuit boards. We’ve performed an initial test on the boards and they work fine so here is a quick update.

In the photo’s shown below, you can see the two-part board that makes up the LED Lighting set for the Medical Console kit. The board has 4 LED’s (Green, Yellow, Red and Blue) attached that will light some Fibre Optic (FO) cable for the control panel. We also have a RGB LED, 3 screen LED’s and the magnetic sensor cable to attach so the part of the Medical Console can be lit. In addition, we have some spare ports you can solder on your own lights if you wish to add further lights to the kit.


Medical Console electronics board

The board itself will fit between the two halves of the main unit, and be held in place by the resin parts. The upright panel with the mini USB ports are for the external USB cables to connect to – one for power and the other to connect to a Stasis Pod if you wish.

Medical Console electronics board

We plan to post up a video in due course showing how the final kit will function. More on this soon!


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