Medical Console CAD model now complete


Our very talented British CAD Engineer has finally put together the 3D Model of the new MEC Medical Bay Console Unit which will be the next major kit in the Hostile Realms™ universe. Here is a new rendering from the most recent CAD files for you to look at. Using SolidWorks 3D, he has worked on the original concepts (seen here) by our illustrator and realised this in full technical detail.

This render shows the model with the 3 main touchscreen panels which will be lit with a new Custom Lighting Board from Wild House Models. We have paid careful attention to the seams and join lines and make sure that any lighting cables are accounted for in the model.

CAD rendering of the Medical Console

The two side units feature lids that can be left open or closed and inside we are designed a range of panels to be placed inside the kit – some can be lit too from the main lighting board.

This kit will either compliment the MECS70-B Stasis Pod and can be built together as a diorama or as a standalone kit with figure. We are planning a 70mm Doctor figure to accompany this kit sometime in the near future.

Next stage will be to have the parts rendered using the SLA Viper 3D Printer and to prepare for prototyping and casting so we hope to have this kit ready late Autumn 2014.


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