The first sample LED Lighting kits are nearly here…


We were sent some images today of the first production boards from our PCB manufacturer and we are really pleased with the quality and production of the boards. You can see from the pictures below that we’ve produced the Main Adaptor Board that the Ardunio ProMini controller board will connect into. The Main Adaptor Board then fits snugly into the base of the Stasis Pod model kit and all the electronic and wiring are hidden away nicely in the completed kit. The kits will be reaching our offices very shortly for Bernie, our resident electronics expert to start testing and checking the boards, ready for the full production run.

Main Adaptor Board (top)

On the underside of the Adaptor Board, we’ve added some details about the MEC S70-B Stasis Pod operations. 

Main Adaptor Board

 The photo’s below show the small circular LED ring that sits inside the top of the Stasis Chamber, where the figure will stand. This is placed behind a clear acrylic diffuser lens part and has 6 tiny 2-colour LEDs (Blue & Red) which will light up depending on the function of the Stasis Pod.

Top LED Ring

The image below is the other side of the LED Ring showing the connector for the cables to the main Adaptor Board.

LED Ring connector

If you are keen to hear how this custom board was first developed, Bernie has put together a Blog of his efforts which you can read here.


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