Known Alien Races

The Flexani

The FlexaniThe Flexani are a hyper-evolved race that long ago became dependent upon nano-technology, their organic bodies withering into almost useless skinny husks, with vestigal strength. They conquered however, the huge challenge of developing the advanced technology that enabled them to integrate their increasingly puny bodies with the now famous exotic material exoskeleton systems.  These systems are apparently attached surgically to the Flexani offspring at birth, enabling them to physically move and interact with their environments. Their exoskeletons not only grow with the wearer, but also perform the task of multi-environmental suits, equally as effective in human nitrogen-oxygen atmospheres and toxic environments as they are in the vacuum of space. The systems are removed easily, and the design seems to vary, depending on the role in which they are used. When the Flexani first arrived on Earth, they gave mankind the hand up necessary that enabled us to achieve interstellar space flight and advance our technologies by centuries in just a few decades.

Their intention was to work with the populace of Earth to create an ally but, not for the first time, the rapid advancement of our capabilities and abilities, combined with our “inventive” use of the peaceful Flexani technology, caused tensions in the relationship. At this time, factions of Flexani caste saw the human race as too much of a threat to their existence and it is reported that they allegedly sabotaged the diplomatic proceedings, thus causing deterioration in the Human-Flaxani “special relationship”. Rumours abounded at this time that dissident factions on the Human side did little or nothing to prevent this deterioration and in fact actively encouraged it. The Flexanis fled Earth leaving behind just a few of their kind, still sympathetic to the idea of friendship. The inevitable result was the rapid onset of distrust on both sides and the decline into mankind’s first interstellar Cold War.

The Dall

The Dall alien raceOn the edge of a Neutral Zone, mutually created between Human and Flexani space, resides the Sol-like star XT-67, perhaps better known on Earth as Heimdallr, or in old human Norse language, the ‘World-Brightener’. Around this otherwise unremarkable star orbits an M-Class planet, the old Norse name of which translates as “The heavenly dwelling of the Norse gods (the Aesir) and slain war heroes”.  In modern language, Asgard, a planetary name soon to become infamous. We know of at least 3 different caste's of the Dall. More can be found here...