The Lore of Hostile Realms™

space sceneIn that portentous year of 2054, Earth was visited by chance, by an alien race, soon to be known by the name Flexani. This unprecedented event in human history forever changed the way that mankind viewed the universe. Interstellar travel, once an unattainable dream, was transformed almost overnight, into an opportunity to indulge that most driving of human traits, exploration and exploitation of the unknown. The First Contact with the Flexani and the following initial inter-species relationships, despite intial human fears, based in no small measure upon the influence of Hollywood, were positive as the Flexani expertise in medical techniques became apparent and were shared freely across the globe. As we all now know, cancer, AIDs and even the common cold were banished to the history books.

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Hostile Realms universe and star map

The Flexani alien race

Known Alien races

mineral sample 2

Corismite - the Mineral powering our starships


Human and Flexani Technology


Alien Languages