GPFX-s Boards have arrived and have been tested!


Clones-of-the-GPFXs-board We took delivery of our new GPFX-s Boards from the manufacturer a few days ago and have been testing and checking the boards for any issues. We have also installed some software code on them to test out – the new ORCA HoverBike code now seems to function well on the generic board but we are still performing additional tests before we have production-ready code to burn onto the chips on the board.


The Boards above are the production versions and show the screw-fit components enabling you to add in lights and switches really easily, without any soldering skills! The additional port for audio is now on the middle of the board (the socket in white) and they are nearly ready to be available to buy.

You can read more on this fantastic new board and all the features in our recent blog post.

Here in the two close-up photos, you can see the main controller chip which will be pre-programmed with the appropriate effects code for the kit. For example, the ORCA HoverBike code will be available as an option for you to buy and we will ship the GPFX-S Board with code installed but if you select the option for the new Warship kit, this code will be installed instead. In future, we are planning to ship the board with routines and effects for non-Hostile Realms kits (Star Wars, Star Trek kits etc…)


GPFXs-Board-1 GPFXs-Board-2 Lastly, the photo below shows the scale of the board against a UK 5p coin. The overall dimensions of the board are little over 1.7″ inches long by 1.14″ inches wide and is 0.39″ inches high or 43mm x 29mm x 10mm tall so can easily fit inside the smallest kit.



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