GPFX Lighting Board now available for Revell, AMT and other kits manufacturers!


We’re really excited to announce that after our initial development of the GPFX Lighting Controller Board, we’re expanding the range of available programs on the board to cover non-Wild House Models kits.

After a lot of thought into what was needed, we’ve decided to create a range of programs that will be pre-coded onto the Boards. These will include a range of specialist lighting effects driven from the GPFX Board for other kit manufacturers such as AMT, Revell, Dragon Model, Bandai and others. We’ve chosen a few kits to concentrate on creating the lighting effects for – but with the power of the GPFX you can control up to 8 independent lighting effects and include 3 buttons.

Effects can run simultaneously – so it really opens up the opportunity for modellers to expand their dioramas. We’ve thought long and hard about the types of effects and added a lot more lighting effects than other board might offer.

Driving lights and servos!? That’s right. You heard us. Not only is the GPFX Board capable of powering your lighting effects, but its got enough power to drive a few servos for your kit.

We will also working on a new concept – the GPFX-MEGA Board. A few extra bells and whistles on this Board, including x3 times the speed, sound and audio capabilities and a lot more input and output ports.

The biggest feature on the new GPFX-MEGA Board is the ability for this to be programmed by the modeller themselves if they are familiar with Arduino coding. No dates on this yet…


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