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BadsmileMiniatures_logo_smallWild House Models is happy to announce a new partnership with Badsmile Miniatures and their GAU Range of figures. We will shortly be adding the full range of exclusive GAU 1:32 scale Figures to our store for worldwide sale. The figures are casting in White Metal and come with a resin base for painting and are compatible with the Hostile Realms™ model kits.

GAU-Hero-Image-1078x488About the GAU

It is the year 2643, the world as we know it has changed. Mankind has reached out into space and spread
over the whole area of the alliance. Man settled down on colonies, foreign planets and space stations.
Humankind stands as one for the first time and is a member of the galactic interspecies society called GAU.
The GAU is thousands of years old. It is an alliance of intelligent species from different origin. The members
of the GAU are the Tendratii, the Hal’moot, the Nurok, the Ga’an, the Kilahni, the Atua and the Humans.
Other alien species and cultures are known but choose not to join the GAU and keep to their own affairs
although encounters, trade and sometimes conflicts are not uncommon.

gau_preview_9The GAU is not an alliance of different parties who act on their own, it is rather a whole new galactic
interspecies culture with only the most noble of goals, to keep peace between the species, to provide their
coexistence and to keep the area of the GAU habitable and safe while ensuring to prosper and gain wisdom.
If a species wants to join the GAU the only thing that is asked of it is full commitment and it is given the
aspirant status for 103 (terran) years. After this time an aspirant is integrated into the GAU and granted a
seat in the great council on Carrin II.

The GAU was initially founded by the Ga’an, the Hal’moot and the Kilahni, the other species joined the GAU
over the last 600 years. It is an alliance of intelligent species from different origin. The species live in peace
and respect each other. But there are also prejudices, grudge and bigotry, most commonly these flaws are
found in younger member species of the GAU. This is accepted though as it is seen as a natural part of
evolving into a mixed intergalactic culture. Mixed species cities are the standard and it is highly uncommon to find any place in the GAU controlled zone that is occupied with just one species. All participating species
have exchange programs to make sure a good mix of the races is spread over the whole sector and
everybody profits from eachother. Despite all their differences and ways of approaching matters, the species of the GAU have become a functioning organism.

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