Fresh from the mould! The new 1:24 Doctor figure castings…


Bit of exciting news but we’ve had a quick update from BLAP! Models – the company casting our Medical Console and Doctor Figure – and the first castings from the mould look amazing.

The level of detail we’ve managed to retain in the figure is amazing and we do hope you’ll enjoy painting this with the Medical Console. Here is the figure’s hand holding the data PADD and left hand together with the 2 head options.11908278_10152905845927396_1272361333_n

Next image shows the 2 head options in greater focus – the head with VR Visor or the basic head for the doctor.11907005_10152905840227396_1965830888_o

Lastly, all the various elements of the figure – torso and legs, hands and head – shown here.




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