First look of the 3D Printed parts for the new Medical Console kit


We’re delighted to collect the new 3D printed parts from our 3D Printer here in Cambridge, England this morning. The parts of a few of the main side Units of the MEC Medical Console shown below. The two side ‘boxes’ will feature an opening Lid, interior ‘shelving’ and a sleeve to fit around tubing or wiring that leads to the main MECS70-B Stasis Pod kit.

Shown here are the various parts needed to assemble a single Side Box unit in the Kit with 3 different shelving parts. The 2 parts shown in the bottom righthand corner will form a sleeve that will fit around a wire or tube, leading to the MECS70-B Stasis Pod. Optionally, the modeller will have a coin-shaped plate piece should you decide not to use the sleeve parts.


The interior shelves will come in a variety of different options and we will feature electronics to be fitted to them should the modeller wish. In the middle of the photo below is the Control Box which will enable a new custom Lighting Kit to power some LEDs. The lefthand shelf is a deep box and the one on the right is a blank which will have various instruments added before moulding takes place.


Next photo shows the two main parts that will form the Side Box itself and the hole on the back is for a circular plate to be added.


Another photo of the main parts of the kit dry-fitted together with the Lid shown off. This is the large piece on the right of the photo and can be open or closed. We’ve added the deep shelf to the Side Box and one of the circular plates to the back to show it in-situ.



CAD rendering of the Medical Console

A quick dry-fit test and the SLA Viper parts are really accurate to the CAD Model shown above. Some minor work will be needed to ensure that the sleeves will fit accurately to the sides and the parts are prepared for moulding. One thing you will see from the parts shown here as we’ve made some changes to the assembly process and tried to make a feature of the join lines in the kit.


As we’ve discussed previously in other blog entries, the Medical Console can be added to the main MECS70-B Stasis Pod kit to work in tandem if you have the electronic or as a standalone kit. We have worked to ensure that both kits will be harmonious and allow the modeller to customise them to their own diorama.

More on the kits development progress soon.


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