Final model of the Pilot Figure


Pilot_SC_04The final 3D Rendering on the new Pilot figure model kit has been completed by Woody, our artist and the work is looking very good indeed! We have several options in the kit so read on for the full detail….

The figure will come in 1:24 scale and 1:32 scale initially but we are already planning a 1:9 scale version that will feature lighting and a new pose. The photos below show the 1:24 posed figure with the pilot holding his helmet in his right hand, resting on his hip.  He is wearing his full combat flight suit developed with hybrid Flexani technology and advanced cybernetic links to the sub-AI on the ship.

Pilot_SC_01 Pilot_SC_02 Pilot_SC_03

As you can see from the close-up of the head, the Pilot has some advanced cybernetic technology embedded into his skin for improved visual acuity.Pilot_SC_04 Pilot_SC_05

The kit will come with options for you to either model him with or without the HUD Helmet – if you choose this option the right hand will be resting on the hilt of a pistol and holster, instead of holding the helmet in his hand.

Pilot_SC_06 Pilot_SC_07


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