Final 3D Parts of the Medical Console now printed


Once again, our 3D Printers in Cambridge, United Kingdom have done us proud and sent over some more parts for the Medical Console kit. After careful review of the new LED Lighting circuit by our resident Electronics guru, Bernie Pottrell, we’ve finally made a few modifications to the two main sections so that the circuit board will be securely held in place.

Bernie and our CAD expert Roger Tanner have been coordinating on the final design for the two main Medical Console. Careful consideration was needed to ensure that the 2 USB ports on the back would have sufficient space as well as ensuring that in-built clips in the main two sections hold the circuit board in place. In the picture below, you can see a dry-fit of the two main sections as well as a single rear holder for the flexible hose.

Main Medical Console sections

The electronics will fit snugly inside this main section and two mini-USB ports will power the lighting to the kit. If you also have the MECS70-B Stasis Pod model kit too, as an added bonus feature, we’ve enabled a second USB port to power and control the Stasis Pod. So when you active a feature on the Pod or Medical Console, it will operate both kits!

Below are some of the detailed parts to the front of the Medical Console kit and if you do opt for the optional LED Lighting kit, the front panel will feature added lighting options too.

Main Medical Console front section panels and parts

We will be updating site with some final dry-fit images once we’ve checked all the parts to the new circuit board sill in development and hope to share these soon.


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