Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve tried to respond to some of your questions so please read through our answers below and if you can’t find anything to help, please email us.

Hostile Realms™ Products

When will kit X be available to order?
We normally try and announce our latest exciting products as quickly as we can through various channels including our Twitter, Facebook & Google+ accounts as well as some of the great Blog sites specialising in model kits. We do our British best to include an estimated release date, but production issues can occasionally move dates around. Sign up for our newsletter or check our Blog regularly for up-to-date information.
How do I order one of the Hostile Realms kits?
Go to the Store link at the top of the website and browse our kits for sale, and if the item you want is in stock, add the item to the shopping cart. If the item is not in stock, we’ll try and give an estimated re-stock date. We are also integrating with Amazon and eBay, as well as smaller distributors, so you have alternative methods of ordering our kits.
I pre-ordered kit X, what’s taking so long?
Unfortunately, our production process can take between 6 to 8 weeks to produce a new batch of resin kits, and sometimes we have delays in the shipping process that can cause your kit to be delayed. If you are ordering the LED Lighting Kit the international shipping and Customs process may cause delays in getting through Customs so we will try to ensure that this delay is minimal. Do contact us if you feel your package has gone missing!
Can you email me when a product is in stock?
If you’ve subscribed to our Newsletter, we will send our announcement email out a few days in advance of the order page accepting orders.
Why might a kit be out of stock?
As a new business, we only currently produce a limited amount of production kits to ensure that we manage our stock and sometimes this leads to delays in delivery from our suppliers. We do try and mitigate our delays as much as we can, since all the elements in a kit can take time to organise and get shipped to our offices.
I've lost my Instructions for the kit!
DON’T PANIC! We’ve uploaded the Instruction Leaflets as PDF’s to our Download section. Simply look at the page and download the relevant PDF.
I'm having problems applying the Decals, they are curling up before being applied
The Decal print we use is a very fine material and you need to apply an oil based varnish to the decals prior to soaking and application. This will prevent any curling of the decals as they are stuck to the model.
What can I do about a broken or missing part?
OH NO! We try our British best to ensure this never happens, but in case you did receive a broken part, Please contact us as soon as possible with a description and your order number and we’ll replace the broken piece immediate free of charge! The same applies for when you are missing a part from the kit. Please note that we are not responsible to parts broken while attempting modifications or assembly and painting. Please be aware though that we have our sole discretion to send out replacement parts to our customers based on the information you provide, as well as the need to guarantee honesty between all parties.


RedBubble Products

What is RedBubble?
RedBubble is a third-party site that allows us to design and create a range of products such as T-Shirts, Hoodies, iPad cases & Posters, then sell them directly to you the customer. We’ve partnered with the site to create a range of exclusive Hostile Realms™ clothing and cases.
Do I pay RedBubble or you for my nice new Hoodie?
You will pay RedBubble directly and they will fulfill your purchase. Depending on your location, they will ship internationally and this can take up to 14 days in some cases.
What if my product is not right or I ordered the wrong size!?
RedBubble will exchange your item immediately but you will need to email them direct from the order and visit their website, in order to complete a Returns Form. This can be found here –


When will my items be shipped to me?
We normally ship within 2-3 business days from the order being placed. If however, the item you ordered was a pre-order, then we will email you once the item arrives in our offices and is ready to be sent out to you.
I ordered both a Pre-order and an 'in stock' item. How will they be shipped?
Typically when ordering a pre-ordered item and an ‘in stock’ item together in the same order, we hold all items until available for shipping together to reduce costs to you. If you would like to have the in-stock item shipped immediately, please place a separate order for them or contact us to inquire about the additional shipping costs and we’ll arrange things for you.
How much is the shipping for item X?
We have created our Store to manage the different shipping costs for Domestic, European and International shipping rates so this is calculated at the time of order in your cart.
Why is international shipping so much more than domestic UK shipping?
Depending on the weight of the goods as well as the Customs requirements if you’ve ordered an electronic Lighting kit, the shipping fees can be considerably higher. Consider ordering from one of our partners in your local market to keep the shipping fees down.
Where can I find my Tracking Number?
We do send out all packages within the UK via Royal Mail and use Registered Post and will send you the Shipping Number by email once the item has been sent to the Post Office. For international shipping, we do use UPS or FedEx as our current shipping methods and again, will send you the Tracking Number via email once the goods have been sent.
Who do you use for shipping?
In the UK, we use Royal Mail for UK and European shipping at domestic rates. For international or fast delivery, we use a variety of carriers including UPS and FedEx.

General Information

Where are you located?
We’re 100% British!! We are officially located in the United Kingdom, which is where we develop, design and ship our kits from. However we do have distribution partners located in Canada and the US.
I have an idea for a Hostile Realms kit… would you be interested?
Yes, we’d love to hear your ideas on how you can help us evolve the universe and come up with other ideas for model kits. Get in touch today with your idea and share!
Can I be a distributor for Wild House Models products?
Certainly. Please contact us for more information and we’d be glad to talk terms.
Where can I get tips on building model kits?
Join some of the great modelling groups on Google+, browse the web and join your local IPMS group who are located all over the globe at –
What is the weather like in the UK right now?
Cloudy, always cloudy.