Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve tried to respond to some of your questions so please read through our answers below and if you can’t find anything to help, please email us.

Hostile Realms™ Products

When will kit X be available to order?
How do I order one of the Hostile Realms kits?
I pre-ordered kit X, what’s taking so long?
Can you email me when a product is in stock?
Why might a kit be out of stock?
I've lost my Instructions for the kit!
I'm having problems applying the Decals, they are curling up before being applied
What can I do about a broken or missing part?


RedBubble Products

What is RedBubble?
Do I pay RedBubble or you for my nice new Hoodie?
What if my product is not right or I ordered the wrong size!?


When will my items be shipped to me?
I ordered both a Pre-order and an 'in stock' item. How will they be shipped?
How much is the shipping for item X?
Why is international shipping so much more than domestic UK shipping?
Where can I find my Tracking Number?
Who do you use for shipping?

General Information

Where are you located?
I have an idea for a Hostile Realms kit… would you be interested?
Can I be a distributor for Wild House Models products?
Where can I get tips on building model kits?
What is the weather like in the UK right now?