Dryfit of the Medical Console Frames and screens


First 3D Printed frame for the touchscreenWe dropped into the 3D Printers in Cambridge, UK today and collected some more 3D printed parts. After a bit of dry assembly, we tested the fit with the new touchscreen designs. More pics after the break!

First up is the 3 individual screens which is made up of a front and back part of the frame that will hold the clear acrylic panel in place. Inside the main upright section, we have left a void in the design so that our new LED lighting Kit for this model will power a series of small SMDs to light each of the screen panels. We’ll be doing some tests over the next few weeks to see what colours work best (blue, white or amber).

First 3D Printed frame for the touchscreen

Here is a closeup of the keyboard touchscreen. This part has a small rotational element so that the keyboard can be angled before gluing onto the main body. The SMD’s will fit inside the cuff and light the panel. We also plan to insert a magnetic switch into this section so that the modes of operation can be controlled by touching the ID Card onto the surface of the keyboard. Neat huh!?

First 3D Printed frame for the touchscreen

First 3D Printed frame for the touchscreen

Here is a dryfit of the main top two screens and you can see that the smaller righthand screen is angled towards the viewer. We have some alignment and sizing issues to adjust with the graphics to ensure they are positioned well in the final production kit as you can see they are slightly misaligned right now.

First 3D Printed frame for the touchscreen

Here is another version of this section and you can clearly see the centre column that will house the cabling and SMD’s.

First 3D Printed frame for the touchscreen

We’ll bring you some video soon of the electronics working inside these as a test but the kit is progressing well for a 2015 release.




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